Friday, November 20, 2009

Monkeys & Parrots & Horses, Oh my!

Anything that can be rescued will be rescued at La Mariposa! White-faced Monkeys, parrots and parakeets, dogs, horses.

These residents arrive in a variety of ways. The monkeys and "exotic" birds have been rescued from illegal trade. Paulette Goudge of La Mariposa has a very good working relationship with the police, and they know that when animals intended for smuggling come into their hands, they can pass them on. These animals have sometimes arrived in very poor condition, but they certainly aren't in poor condition now.

The dogs have found their way here in a variety of ways, and they are comfortable residents, mingling with students and guests as we come and go from classes, meals, and activities. Here you see Molly on the stairs.
Rescued horses don't actually live on the grounds of La Mariposa. They pasture in semi-retirement on a mountainside not far away. Sundays usually offer an opportunity for horseback riding. Students whose brains have been taxed with study are invited to take a leisurely (or energetic) ride. The horses are delivered to the front gate, and riders are guided along paths that take them to spectacular views of lake and volcano.

La Mariposa is so much more than a "Spanish School and Eco-Hotel." It is a network of projects, all designed to support human, animal, and plant life in Nicaragua. Projects are supported by the school and hotel. This is quite an amazing place.

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  1. Hey Anne I hope all is going well. It sounds like you are having fun down in Nicaragua. Sorry for the delay on the communication. I will see you on the 12th.